About me:

Hello! My name's TKitten and i am just a person who loves a lot of things.

i'm pretty much a digital artist who tends to use a mix between Krita, Aseprite, and FlashCS6 for my stuff. which i know is is a lot but hey! i'm pretty decent at them all hehe.

i'm also really into my OCs, which includes my original series Exotic Age (that i still need to work on heck) and my fandom stuff, which mostly is my Mario ones because boy is brainrot for my main trio (Shen, Karu, and Sinder)'s lore immense.

uhh idk what else to add here atm but feel free to ask me questions on my tumblr, if you want to at least.

also please feel free to check out my main three mario OC's askblog, on there as well, only Shen and Karu are there atm but please feel free to ask them questions please please aaaa-

Funky things! :D!!

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