Hello and welcome to my website!

this is mostly my place on the web to share my art/OCs in a more customized area.

feel free to have a look around, even though everything's still pretty much a WIP and most definitely scrunkly due to the fact that this is just html/i still need to figure out how css works.

also please note that this place can be changed at any time due to my artstyle being updated or me just getting better at coding this hecking webbedsite.

update - jan 14th 2023

ough finally managed to scrounge up the css to this place finally.

it took me all day, (not to mention it's still pretty messy under the hood.)

(the sidebar took way too long to figure out-)

but hey! it's at least over and done with for the most part.

i hope to have a lot more stuff to show website wise this year (sticker download, OC pages(?), random hidden lore,)

along with the fact that i'm planning on switching out the twitter button for a Cohost one.

for a lot of reasons.......

but other than that uh. happy (late) new year!


update - sept 9th 2022

finished (some) of the site!

it's currently only the home and about pages atm but i'll try to get some more of them done in the coming weeks/months?

idk atm, i'll try to do some more fiddling once i figure out how to css this all together and make it easier on me.

so ignore how weirdly spaced the links in the nav bar are atm. okay?